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Tilt Doors

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All Seasons Tilt Doors

Tilt doors are made to go up in one panel unlike the sectional overhead that are made up of individual panels.

They can be installed on “J “type fittings, where the door will hang half way out of the opening in the open position.
“T” type fittings, where the door runs back on a track and 90% of the door sits back in the opening in the open position.
They can be made from either steel or timber

How will a Tilt Door be beneficial for your garage?

There may be a reason why you can only have a tilt door. Some carports or garages only have limited head room so only a tilt door will fit. But we can provide you with a range of designs for your tilt door or you can design your own with windows as well.

We also have a supply frame only service. We can measure the opening and make the frame. We can clad it with ply and you can clad the tilt door with your own timber if you prefer. We can then fit the door after you have put your finishing touches on it. Or we can complete the whole job.

A tilt garage door is often found on smaller garages or car spaces, built as a single panel and reinforced with a frame. As their name suggests, the door opens by tilting outwards and swinging upwards. A lot of older garages can be quite limited in terms of space. If your garage is not large enough to accommodate a roller door or a sectional garage door, it may be time to look at installing a tilt garage door.

Steel-Line tilt garage doors offer the perfect solution for smaller garages or spaces with restricted side or headroom, without compromising on style. As the garage door is often the most prominent feature of your home or building, it is important to choose one that is functional and practical for your specific needs while complementing the design and overall appearance of your home.

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