Panel Lift Doors Blue Mountains

Renovate your old garage with modern panel lift doors!

You don’t install a new panel lift door every year. Therefore, you can get shocked if you assume you know what to anticipate while looking for a new one in the Blue Mountains or believe that contemporary models are the same as your current door.

Panel lift doors today are better, safer, and more insulated than those of the past, and they also require a lot less upkeep. Panel lift doors are more advanced and convenient than other garage doors, as they have a wide variety of options for window treatments, materials, designs, and colours.

What is a panel lift door?

Unlike many other standard garage doors, you see today, a panel lift door will only have one panel. That panel will usually be outside the garage entrance, parallel to the floor, when you unlock the door. The door will tilt and ascend into the building’s ceiling thanks to the door mechanism’s inventive design. The only thing these panel lift doors need is a frame. It is fixed on steel jambs, keeping it firmly in place.

Our experts will help you to select the design for your new panel lift door.

The design of your panel lift door is entirely up to you. Working with industry specialists like those at All Seasons Garage Doors gives you the option to choose from various hues and patterns. So, consider the design and colour scheme of your current building before selecting from our colour wheel that offers a wide range of choices. Because of the counterweight installation option, you can also add cladding made of materials like wood that won’t cause a weight problem.

Why do so many people prefer panel lift doors?

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